Landslide emergency avoidance

The landslide is coming! What should I do and where should I go?!

This video used the first perspective to simulate the real situations of landslide,
making viewers understand how to react and handle the situation when it happens.

Earthquake emergency avoidance

There's earthquake alarm! What should I do next?!

Players can operate by themselves in this video, collecting necessary supplies
and hide in the safer corner of the house before the earthquake come.

Frog dissection

Frog dissection? Will that be horrible?!
And why should we dissection it?

This video presents the process of frog dissection in an animation way.

pH value testing

What? I never thought it was acidic/alkaline!

Do you know what kind of acidic/alkaline liquid we often see in our daily life?

Four fundamental operations of arithmetic and Color telling

It contents different calculating methods, counting, and color distinguishing questions.

Children can not only learn while playing, but challenging themselves through the four fundamental operations of arithmetic questions!

VR Theater

Videos in the VR theater are different from those ones we see in a common theater,
you can watch 360° videos in different spots and find your little world of your own!

Solar power system assembling practice

Are you curious about how a solar power system generates electricity?

Let's follow the following steps to understand and practice the assembling process!

After-sales service of full-automatic coffee maker

"A cup of coffee a day" has become a life style nowadays,
many people even bought a coffee maker for their daily energy supply.

However, lots of people hardly learn how to fully use it.
Therefore, Eyemax combined the VR system to make after-sales is more closed to the users.

Cold chamber die casting machine operating training

Through the VR simulating training,
experiencers can understand the auto and manual operating mode!

Car Modifying practicing

Not only make experiencers feel the sense of car exhibition,
but help customers pick up their ideal car accessories along with the industry 4.0 technology.


Production process of canned sardines

Watching the production process of canned sardines in the fish's first perspective,
not only can make customers understand the production process with confidence
but make the process of visiting more interesting.

Applications of Exhibition Center

Through the Applications of Exhibition Center, customers can see the full appearance of the products,
along with the introduction videos of products,

it can not only make customers understand the appearance and uses,
but save time and money costs for enterprises.

Da Vinci surgery practicing

Through the Da Vinci surgery practicing, we hope to solve the problem of misunderstanding situations,
since the Da Vinci surgery machine is too expensive to be practiced regularly by interns.

Drunk driving simulating

Everyone knows drunk driving is a dangerous thing to do,
but many of us still don't know how dangerous it could be.

Through the drunk driving simulating, viewers can experience real situations might happen in the real world.

V2R massage experiencing

Making virtual happens in the reality,
only need to put on your VR headset and using your magic touch with the Internet.