Four fundamental operations of arithmetic and Color telling

It contents different calculating methods, counting, and color distinguishing questions.

Children can not only learn while playing, but challenging themselves through the four fundamental operations of arithmetic questions!

Put on your VR headset, standing in the panorama classroom, let's start the class!


This is an educational VR game for students preschool children, increasing the learning motifaction through the play-learning environments.

It trains children's distinguishing and calculation abilities with basic four fundamental operations of arithmetic of math

and adorable and interesting color distinguishing and counting questions.


1. Features:

1. Could be used as an educational game software for the preschool children, also other students at school.

2. Learning calculation, color distinguishing and counting abilities through the interesting game.

3. Boardcasting system supports multiplayer mode.

4. Questions chould be changed on you own.


2. Courses introduction


3. Actual scenes

Counting numbers scene

The secene of color telling


4. Classroom scene


5. Actual playing