VR Theater

Videos in the VR theater are different from those ones we see in a common theater,
you can watch 360° videos in different spots and find your little world of your own!

VR Theater

1. Features

(1) Based on the concept of personal theater, makes the experiencer  feel more vicarious.

(2) You can choose whatever video and movies you want and enjoy your personally leisure time.

(3) It allows maximum 1v12 players to watch together.

(4) There're multiple videos provided, including 4 videos of the night market series and 5 videos of the amusement park series.

(5) Switch your own 360° videos at any time.


2. Broadcasting interface

Broadcasting interface introduction


Actual broadcasting prts


3. Video samples

There're 4 application content series right now, including scenery, amusement park, night market and campus tour series.

Of course, you can shoot and put your own 360° videos.


4. Actual playing