Eyemax announced that it will launch Eyemax Plus VR broadcasting system in the near future. The system is mainly provided with VR (future AR/MR support) multiplayer connection use, multiplayer competition, teaching radio, 360 video broadcasting, VR auditorium, etc. The future of other applications in the VR industry.


This time in the Innovex exhibition will allow customers to pre-empt the experience in advance.

In particular, the announcement of the Eyemax Plus system includes somatosensory integration. It not only solves the problem of software playback and connection, but also provides the integration of many somatosensory devices. It is also officially put into the international somatosensory market. The objects include digital content developers and somatosensory devices. Developers, operators of somatosensory fields, simulated driving, somatosensory game development and education, etc., provide a complete VR plus somatosensory solution.

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