Export Processing Zone Administration (referred to as processing) to Kaohsiung Software Park as the core, planning to establish an innovative entrepreneurial ecological system, in an attempt to Kaohsiung Software Park to create AR / VR and other emerging industries innovative business base. In this case, the processing department has been actively integrating and introducing entrepreneurial resources. In this event, we have combined with the "Makercafe", which is operated by the Club, and the "Start-up" It is expected that through the resources of the above-mentioned resource meeting, it will attract the quality of the new team to use the Institute for Information Industry the policy to shorten the time frame of innovation and realize the innovation energy. In addition, the site also has Institute for Information Industry technology, Eyemax innovation Campus and Makercafe factory manufacturers of technology display and experience.

In addition to the Entrepreneurial Innovation Contest, Eyemax also organizes the "2017 National Campus VR Industrial Design Contest". After the finalists, the contestants will be able to receive professional training courses so that the finalists can master and study the VR courses so that the works can be implemented, And have the opportunity to make your work applications implemented in every industrial field, and have the opportunity to get investment opportunities and corporate recruitment opportunities.

《2017 National Campus VR Industrial Design Contest》

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