In order to make VR industry applications can be fast and robust, to develop more future areas, the National Kaohsiung University of Applied Sciences Innovation Center stationed in the manufacturers, but also Eyemax subsidiary Eyemax VR Innovation Campus, At the invitation of the Kaohsiung Software Park to set up the "Eyemax VR Innovation Campus" to provide a set of research and development, personnel training, industrial exchanges and resource integration platform.

Eyemax Mr. Chen said that the current VR industry is in the initial stage of development, although the community competing to research and development, but not a platform to integrate resources to provide you with the exchange, so especially in Kaohsiung to set up Eyemax Innovation Campus, Asia's first VR laboratory, welcomed the VR industry are interested in professionals, creative team, or foreign alliance alliance to develop.

In addition, VR Innovation Campus also recruited, whether it is personal entrepreneurship, new business, industrial upgrading, are welcome to stationed together to meet the VR industry, the future development opportunities.

VR Innovation Campus as a resource integration platform and personnel training center, to provide a global market, VR personnel training cradle, integration of upstream and downstream resources, to provide hardware and software equipment and services. In the space planning virtual reality laboratory (VR LAB), (VR CAMPUS) and (WORKING SPACE).

At present, the Industrial Design Competition organized by the Ministry of Economic Affairs of the Ministry of Economy and Industry, organized by the Taiwan Federation of Industry, will be held at the VR Innovation Campus on May 26th. The shortlisted finalists will participate in the workshop organized by the VR Innovation Institute Training, and then assist in the study of completed works for use.

【2017-05-19╱Lee Fu Chung】