First motion control Virtual Reality experience
Game contains more levels, more roles
Easy to use,and fun



First kinect VR game content without holding gamepad,

Just wear a VR HMD,

to play start with the characters in the game through body movements,

Like to interact with the players is absolutely not to be missed



Standard Equipments

Standard Equipments:

-Computer ╳ 1

-Monitor ╳ 1

-HMD ╳ 1

-Kinect ╳ 1

-Spearkers ╳ 1

-Wirelss keyboard & Mouse ╳ 1

Specification size

Specification size:

Outside the box size:72╳53╳46cm


Current Power

Current Power:

Voltage 110/220V、current 1A、Power 500W


Technical support

Technical support:

-Support PC