The first interactive virtual reality experience
Game interface is easy to operate
FPS Games experience



Put on our Virtual Reality HDM,

Holding a gun charge into the enemy ranks,

You will be the incarnation of special forces and your teammates into a fierce battle.

Virtual Reality submachine gun collocation full button joystick,

In the game you can walk freely, jump, squat, replace the magazine,

Indeed, let you experience different sensory stimulation!


Standard Equipments

Standard Equipments:

- P90 full size gun handle with gyro x 1
- Computer x 1
- Display monitor x 1
- HD helmet x 1
- Speaker x 1 set 
- Mouse & keyboard x 1 set

Specification Size

Specification Size:

- Outside the box size: 72 x 53 x 46cm
- Area: 150 x 150cm
- Weight: 1.3KG

Current Power

Current Power:

DC power 5V , Current 2A

- Capacity 7800mAh  


Technical Support

Technical Support:

- Support PC