ArmorArena II - Team Glory..

- Originate VR multiplayer gaming, Support team fight mode!
- Different gaming mode
- Various characters
- Support voice communication
- Suitable for experience center and events


Players can experience the thrill of driving in the cockpit in a virtual reality, But also in the somatosensory platform to feel the driving robot fighting the dynamic, of course, the players can also connect with each other and challenge the team!

The game has a variety of armor shape can choose, according to personal game preferences, choose your habit of manipulating the role, There are also different winning conditions in the contest, and through the dialogue in the game, so that you can communicate with the team members and more immersed in the battle.

At present [VR Armor Arena II: Team of Glory] for the first in Taiwan VR Battle gaming, the number of players for from 2 to 6 people.,
And has a spectator control system, successfully created an unprecedented VR gaming model, must be the most topic of the future VR products.  


2017/05/12~2017/05/14 Vision Get Wild Award - The only one in Taiwan somatosensory VR Gaming - Armor fighting game