VR Dynamic seat (hardware / software / development tool)

The first interactive virtual reality experience
Game interface is easy to operate
Easy to Install and Update
Low maintenance costs






Put on our Virtual Reality HDM,

Take the seat to follow the video content free swing. Running, jumping, rotating, diving,

Is to challenge the limits of your heart,

Inside the VR, Virtual Reality in the staggered, thrilling adventures!

Eyemax super roller coaster collocation games provide you a variety of personally on the scene。




Standard Equipments

Standard Equipments:

- Dynamic seat platform x 1
- Seat x 2
- Handrail x 4
- Safety belt x 2
- Main Computer x 2 
- Touch Screen integrated machine x 1
- HD helmet x 2
- Speakers x 1 set
- Mouse & keyboard x 1 set

Specification size

Specification size:

- Outside the box size: 192 x 147 x 166cm (around 30cm reserved swing space)
- area: 150 x 180cm

Current Power

Current Power:

- Voltage 220V, current 10.2A, power 2250W