VR Industrial Simulating System

The integration of industry and VR has upgraded and solved the needs of the next generation.

Building up an intellectualized technology industry and providing interdisciplinary applications
through industrial process simulating, promoting sales applications, educational training applications
and after-sales services.

There are 7 simulating applications of VR Industrial Simulating System on hand:

1. Solar power system assembling practice

Curious about how solar system work? Let's follow these steps to understand and practice the assenble process!

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2. After-sales service of full-automatic coffee maker

Coffee has bocame a part of life for many people, some even bought a full-automatic coffee maker for their daily life.

However, many people never understand how to use it. Therefore, we combined the VR system to  after-sales service to make it more approachable to the users.

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3. cold chamber die casting machine

Understanding the operations differents bettween of manual and mode through the VR training!

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4. Car Modifying practicing

Using VR technology could make users see the cars instantly.

Customers can select the parts they like and watch it install immediately.

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5. Production process of canned sardines

A different visiting mode from the past watching the producing process through the fishes' view.

Not only make customers understand and feel comfortable with producing process but add a little bit fun in it.

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6. Applications of Exhibition Center

Through the Applications of Exhibition Center, customers can see the product  clearly.

Along with the product introducing video, not only can let customers understand the function, but save a lot of time and money cost.

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7. Da Vinci Surgery practicing

Not only fixing the problem the mechanical arm equipment is too expensive to let interns to practice,

but helping to reduce the incomprehensible situation during learning.

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